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What is a virtual calling card?

Conventional calling cards look just like regular debit or credit cards that your wallet may have in plenty. It's a piece of plastic with a list of phone numbers and your personal PIN code. As a rule, card international rates are considerably lower than those that you get when using a landline or any, even the most generous mobile tariff, and this allows you to save an ample amount of money in the long run. However, the global trend these days is quickly changing towards virtual cards.

A virtual card offers the same functionality as its plastic version, but requires no packaging, no shipping and is delivered instantly to your electronic inbox. No need to buy additional equipment or software - all you need is access to a phone supporting the tone dialing mode! Call internationally from the convenience of your home, from your car or summer house and don't look at your watch every other minute - just as their real counterparts, virtual phone cards offer the lowest rates on the market and allow you to call any number from any phone at unbeatable rates!

Apart from that, virtual cards are sold through sites that enable you to browse a list of destination countries and pick the right calling cards and optimal rates.

Finally, you won't even need to step out to recharge your - everything is done literally in seconds over the Internet!

Using a virtual card

International cards are intended for a very wide audience and service providers do their best to make using them as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do to start making cheap international calls is to buy a virtual phone card online and wait for the PIN code and a list of toll-free service numbers to be emailed to the address specified during registration. As a rule, it takes under a minute for the email to be generated and be delivered straight to your inbox. Once you have received your virtual card details, access the system through one of the provided numbers, then enter your PIN to make balance inquiries and dial phone numbers. Make sure to enter all phone numbers in the international format, including country and area codes. Since you will always be working through our service, it doesn't matter what phone you are using it may be a cell phone, a stationary phone, a phone booth or even a satellite phone on a jet traveling at 30,000 feet above ground!

Why choose us and our cards?

Our site offers flexible calling plans for frequent and occasional callers and a number of popular origin/destination pairs. If you mostly call people in the same country, it will make sense to use one of the low special rates (i.e. calling card for UK).

Have relatives in India? call India from USA! Missing your friends during your internship in Dubai? No problem, make calls to India from UAE at an incredibly low price! Have a team of developers working on your new software? call India from Singapore and keep the process under control!

We offer premium customer service, lighting-fast PIN delivery and highly competitive rates for a broad range of destinations! Start using our virtual card service today to be in touch with the world, no matter where you go tomorrow!

Even more savings!

If you think that it's as low as we can go, you are not entirely correct. Use your computer for making incredibly cheap international calls and taking advantage of yet another service offered by our company - web call!

If you are thousands of miles away from your family, friends or significant other, staying in touch with them can become a serious problem. Apparently, you can use a computer and popular software to make international calls, but your PC or laptop won't always be there when you need it. On the other hand, long distance calling using a landline may well make a hole in your pocket if you spend even 5-10 minutes a day calling overseas. If you need to call international numbers on a regular basis and yet not be bound to your PC, using international calling cards for long distance calling will be a perfect choice.

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